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Custom orders and Commissions

We love Custom orders and Commissions- if you see a item  we are selling and later decide you want one for yourself but its not available anymore- please ask and we are happy to make the item for you in the colors you choose

Or present us with a challenge- we love challenges. If you are interested in custom orders/commissioning a item from us- please shoot us a email in the contact us page for a price quote. Please send us a description of the item you want or your ideas.

Commission form:

1) Name

2) Size of your order

3) Type of order (e.g. T-Shirt, watch, necklace)

4) Possible designs (If you already have a design then please attach the picture file. We will only accept Jpeg and PNG files) 


We will be sure to get back to you promptly. Please be aware that if you make a commission order, then you'll have 2 weeks to order said item. If you are unavailable to order due to financial reasons or so forth then please contact and let us know and we'll think of something. If not then the item will be removed immediatley.